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Emmy Award Winner 'American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag' with Erik Wilson

The co-founder of the Emmy Award Winning show 'American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag' Erik Wilson, takes some time off the job today to talk with Chrissy Wozniak about the show, their hugely successful Facebook Page, and farming in California.

Their vision, through a true grassroots effort, is to show how many people’s lives are related, connected and, most importantly, dependent on agriculture. The goal is to illustrate just how massive the fraternity of Ag really is, as well as educate and inform the public with articles, stories, images and more, directly from the farmers, ranchers and other agricultural support businesses, whose daily lives – and livelihoods – are affected every day by agriculture in this country.

My Job Depends on Ag started with a Facebook group in May of 2016, which in the matter of just a few weeks grew to over 20,000 members, now having over 102,000 members! They began by sharing stories about how their own jobs depend on ag. By putting a face with entire agriculture industry chain, they hoped the impact of agriculture would be recognized by not just political leaders, but consumers as well. Making a huge difference to the farmers of California. They have “My Job Depends on Ag” decals you can purchase on their Merchandise page, to further help get the word out, show solidarity, and fund scholarships & other educational efforts. You can order decals for each state as well! Order decals here -

Founded by Steve Malanca & Erik Wilson, My Job Depends on Ag aims at telling the stories of all the fine men and women whose jobs depend on agriculture. Help spread the word about how everyone depends on ag, whether they think so or not.

Learn more about My Job Depends on Ag at Watch the trailer here -


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