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New Merlin2G Fuses AMS Galaxy USA and Fullwood JOZ Technologies

KUTZTOWN, PA July 6, 2022: AMS Galaxy USA is proud to bring a next generation automated milking installation (AMI) to U.S. dairy farmers.

The AMI will feature the new Galaxy Merlin2G milking robot from Fullwood JOZ. The Merlin has been a fixture in the world dairy market for years and is now being introduced to the U.S.

This latest robot comes with a history of reliability, efficiency, and durability. Final assembly and modifications of the Merlin2G to meet Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) standards will be completed in Galaxy’s recently constructed facility in Kutztown, PA. The AMI will continue to be driven by the AMS Galaxy USA manufactured controllers and auxiliary equipment.

“We could not be more excited to bring the Galaxy Merlin2G to U.S. dairy farmers,” says Bradley Biehl, President of AMS Galaxy USA. “The market wants an option that allows the dairy farmer to control their equipment operating expenses and our business model coupled with the Galaxy Merlin2G not only meets that goal but is also a workhorse to take farmers’ profitability to the next level.”

This new model incorporates the latest technology and will also include an updated software interface for improved user experience. The single box design of the Galaxy Merlin2G allows additional flexibility for barn layout. The sleek design of the robot makes it an easy and stylish fit into any barn. Not to mention the industrial arm is tried and true and made of the highest quality.

The foundation of the Galaxy Merlin2G is from Fullwood JOZ. Fullwood JOZ is the combination of decades of experience in milking and barn equipment, and a strong working knowledge of agricultural robotic technology.

“At Fullwood JOZ, we specialize in developing robots and smart solutions for barns,” explains Fullwood JOZ CEO Arend Kuperus. “We are confident that the Merlin can bring value to U.S. dairymen and that, with 12 years of experience in robotic milking, AMS Galaxy USA is the right partner.”

The first U.S. installations of the Galaxy Merlin2G will be happening soon. More information on the features and designs of the Merlin2G are available by contacting AMS Galaxy USA at


AMS Galaxy USA ( is an industry leader in the development of total farm solutions for dairy farms.

The company combines the human capital of its engineers and agricultural technical staff to create and deploy advanced technologies, which create the optimal production conditions for dairy cows and calves, as well as goats, with essential considerations for animal well-being. Solutions range from robotic milking needed on the smallest dairies to the largest dairies, automated feeding, automatic bedding, cow comfort products, and Herd Monitoring/Total Farm Automation software products.


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