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2024 Predictive Ag Report Warns Midwest Growers of Emerging Threats

EMERYVILLE, Calif. | Armed with the 2024 Predictive Ag Report, released today by Pattern Ag, corn and soybean farmers can unlock the full potential of their crops, boosting both yield and profitability. This powerful tool analyzes over 200 billion DNA reads from the world’s largest soil metagenomics database, predicting pest and pathogen threats with 90% accuracy up to a year in advance.

Packed into the 2024 Predictive Ag Report, Pattern Ag unveils an Almanac pinpointing regions facing the highest risk of pest and pathogen outbreaks. Detailed maps within the Almanac forecast the severity of infestations based on insights gleaned from Pattern Ag’s extensive testing across the Midwest.

“This year’s Predictive Ag report builds upon last year’s report, uncovering other hidden yield robbers found in Midwest corn and soybean fields,” said Mike Tweedy, Vice President of Sales for Pattern Ag.

New for 2024 report are Foliar Pathogen maps that provide farmers with insights into what types of disease pressure they may encounter during the growing season so they can be more strategic about their crop scouting and crop protection efforts before damage occurs. Also included are new Bio-Fertility maps that show the location and presence of non-pathogens like excess water or beneficial microbes, for example, which can positively or negatively affect yield outcomes.

According to Dr. Danielle Watts, Vice President of Data Science for Pattern Ag, the most undermanaged pathogen found across the Midwest in 2023 was Fusarium – a pathogen responsible for multiple yield-robbing diseases capable of decreasing yields by as much as 30 bushels per acre when left unmanaged.

Another new feature is the Soil Productivity Index, which benchmarks the yield potential of a farmer’s field against similar fields in their region to let them know if they’re leaving yield potential on the table. The maps and index give farmers the key data to select the best seed varieties or traits possible, develop risk-mitigating crop rotation strategies, or make application decisions about biological controls.

“Pattern Ag can provide direct recommendations to farmers about what they can or cannot manage to elicit better outcomes but also encourages producers to work directly with their seed dealer, agronomist, or ag service provider,” Tweedy said. “There are certain factors you don’t have control over on your field and crops, but you can take action to increase your field’s fertility and protect it from pests and disease.”

This is the second year for the Pattern Ag Predictive Ag Report – a valuable, free resource helping corn and soybean farmers offset economic losses caused by yield-impacting pests, pathogens, and diseases. Copies of the 2024 Predictive Ag Report can be downloaded online at


PatternAg, Inc.

Founded in 2018, Pattern envisions a future where conventional agricultural inputs are enhanced and eventually replaced by precision microbiome engineering, improving farm productivity and sustainability. Pattern Ag’s corporate office is headquartered in Emeryville, California, with field teams throughout the Midwest. Pattern Ag uses analytics to help farmers optimize their spending on crop protection, seed selection, and fertility inputs while improving the long-term productivity of their land. To learn more, visit


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